In response to our customers, Guided Systems now offers a complete line of fully autonomous VTOL UAVs designed to cover a large number of payload, range and endurance requirements.

Each airframe, and its associated manufacturer, has been carefully selected. Each is representative of the highest design maturity and manufacturing quality for their vehicle class in the world today.

The entire line of vehicles features a common avionics hardware and software set, and employs a common operator interface, enabling the operator to seamlessly transition from one size vehicle to another.

Each enjoys a selectable range of intelligent automation, from simple pilot assisted 'steering mode' to fully automated flight, including take-off and landing. Automation is accomplished through a combination of our mature Adaptive Neural Network control technology and other emerging intelligent control technologies. The avionics is derived from the mature Cloud Cap Piccolo hardware and sensor set.

Each of the vehicles are, or soon will be, fully integrated and flight validated with the Piccolo autopilot avionics and an optional payload system. Flight test of each system is completed prior to delivery. To ensure mission success, a customized 3-5 day operator training program is offered covering everything from mission simulation and vehicle maintenance to in field flight operations and safety procedures.

This new line of ready-to-fly vehicles enables you to directly leverage our 16 years of VTOL UAV design, development, integration, and flight test experience. At Guided Systems, we're absolutely committed to providing whatever support is necessary to help you achieve mission success.

Prices for single fully autonomous vehicles starting at $55,000.

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