New and advanced Drone technology is now available for use in industrial inspections nationwide. Our process, named "SkySpection" was originally developed for the US Department of Energy (Patent Pending) and combines with the latest sensor technology to rapidly obtain high-resolution industrial inspection imagery for the assessment of structural integrity. After collection, all imagery and sensor data is precisely mapped, closely inspected and securely archived to allow for easy retrieval and direct comparison from year to year.


Remote inspection access via drone for visual inspection eliminates the safety hazard of climbing on ropes, eliminates the need for a crane, and minimizes human exposure to contaminants.


The visual inspection can be completed in much less time than by traditional means, offering the opportunity for a significant reduction in shut down time.


Advanced drone and flight automation technology, originally developed and matured by Guided Systems for application by the U.S. Department of Defense, is robust and reliable.


The savings in time equates to savings in the cost of service, as well as the overall savings by the customer that result from reduction in shut down time.


Comprehensive Inspection, Testing, Reporting, Certification and Repair Services Offered in Partnership with Regional Professional Engineering and Repair Companies.

FAA Certified

Federal Aviation Administration compliant flight operations with qualified and certified operators.