Access to Adaptive Control Technology and Piccolo Expertise

Guided Systems has developed and maintains extensive simulation models (including rotor dynamics) for various rotorcraft including aircraft, helicopters, tiltrotors, ducted fans, coaxial systems and hybrid vehicles (e.g. the Skytote UAV), and has matured, generalized and validated its autonomous adaptive guidance and control architecture so that it is applicable to all these classes of vehicles.

Guided Systems unique rotorcraft expertise, its many years of experience, and its powerful technology base are available to satisfy your program needs. For those with a standard helicopter control system requirement, GST offers a fully integrated, off-the-shelf control system solution. In 2007, Guided Systems entered a formal partnership with Cloud Cap Technology, Inc., and now serves as their rotorcraft solution provider for the Piccolo family of autopilot products. The product software can also be rapidly tailored by Guided Systems to meet the needs of the non standard vehicle or vehicles with special requirements.

For those with legacy control systems, or control system hardware and /or performance requirements that are not satisfied by the Piccolo product solution, Guided Systems can provide design solutions and software custom tailored to the application, including solutions that simply augment the customers baseline control system. For example, in the case of the Skytote UAV program, Guided Systems provided an auxiliary hardware and software solution for fully automated flight over the entire flight envelope that was installed side-by-side with a legacy PID helicopter only control solution. In an ongoing effort for a DoD customer, Guided Systems is tasked to augment an existing linear control system design, and deliver software in the form of precompiled and validated libraries.