Guided Systems’VTOL UAV line name SiCX (pronounced ‘Six’) connotes the term ‘Silicon Cortex’. This name was selected to be indicative of Guided Systems’ history as a pioneer in neural network adaptive control, and its continued commitment to develop and integrate the intelligent automation technology needed to advance practical applications of VTOL UAVs.

Guided Systems’ current VTOL autopilot product is built on over 15 years of patented neural network adaptive control technology development. This mature technology eliminates traditional gain tuning and scheduling, and enables real-time in-flight adaptation to varied flight conditions, configuration changes, and/or system faults while providing an unprecedented ratio of control system performance to development cost.

At Guided Systems, we see the tremendous but largely untapped potential of VTOL UAVs for application in many diverse fields. Imagine on-call unmanned medical evacuation on the battlefield and in disaster zones, covert re-supply behind enemy lines, or FedEx style delivery of high value commercial packages. The ultimate economic success of VTOL UAVs in many of these practical applications will depend upon the degree to which flight operations can be automated. That is, the degree to which the human operator can be relived of direct flight management tasks. Even with today’s best helicopter automation tools, a dedicated operator, with continuous visual contact with the vehicle, is essentially required to successfully command and monitor each helicopter that has been launched.

Guided Systems continues to advance the intelligent automation technology that will ensure the success of tomorrow’s VTOL UAVs. Current development efforts include improving or adding features such as navigation in GPS obscured or denied environments, obstacle and collision avoidance, real-time near-optimal path generation, fault tolerance through redundant hardware management, autonomous autorotation, non line-of-sight communications, mission expert software to assist with multi-vehicle operations, real-time on-board image-based guidance, and FAA system certification.

Expect to see the results of today’s research and development efforts transforming the intelligent capabilities of Guided System’s SiCX flight vehicles tomorrow.