Weight & Load Capacity
Max Gross Take-Off Weight 610/720 lbs (277/327 kg)
Empty Weight (Manned) 298/360 lbs (135/163 kg)
Useful Load (Manned) 312/360 lbs (142/163 kg)
Conversion Kit (Standard) 114/114 lbs (52/52 kg)
Useful Load (Standard) 198/246 lbs (90/112 kg)
Conversion Kit (Custom) 64/64 lbs (29/29 kg)
Useful Load (Custom) 248/296 (112/134 kg)
Fuel Load & Ceiling
Maximum Internal Fuel Load 12 U.S. Gallons
Hover Ceiling (OGE) 6,500 feet/7,500 feet, standard day
Engine & Electrical
Electrical Power Belt-Driven 24V DC Generator with Battery Backup
Engine Two Cycle, 2/3 Cylinder, Air Cooled, Gasoline (64/85 Hp)
Endurance (Typical) 2 hours with 10-20 minute reserve
Hover Ceiling at Full Fuel 8,000 feet, standard day
Navigation & Automation
Navigation GPS-Aided Inertial Navigation Solution, Laser AGL Sensor
Automation Fully Automated Flight Operation from Take-off to Landing
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